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Circular home, Ghent

Something special is in the making in Ghent – and it has the potential to change the way we think about sustainable living. Talented local architect Stephan Monten is creating a unique private home built with our Carbstone building blocks, which are revolutionizing the construction industry. The process of building this home represents a new wave of environmental awareness in architecture. Keep an eye on this project – it just might be the future of sustainable living!

Project Cofinimmo Mechelen

Contractor company Vanhout shared with us this world first during the circular and CO2-neutral renovation of Cofinimmo’ s office building in Mechelen, which also houses OVAM’s headquarters. Although the work there is not yet completely finished, below we would like to show you some photos of the Carbstone walls that have already been erected.

Project Iceberg

With our Carbstone building blocks, we also contribute our (CO2-negative) bit to Project Iceberg, a European collaboration between 35 partners (including Colruyt Group and Orbix) from no less than 10 different countries that strive for a circular economy of building materials. This project aims to develop new, cost-effective and, above all, smart solutions for the improved recovery of secondary raw materials throughout the circular value chain: from discarded building materials to new building products made with circularity and resource efficiency in mind; and that contains 30 to 100 percent recycled materials with high purity (>92%).

This project uses granules from the demolition of old Colruyt stores. These are upcycled and supplemented with Carbinox and then cure in our CO2 drying chambers. Thus, construction waste is converted 100% into new, high-quality building blocks with a negative CO2 balance. After all, more CO2 is absorbed during production than emitted, and moreover, even after processing – provided they are placed outdoors – the blocks will continue to absorb CO2. All this is done under the watchful eye of VITO, a Flemish independent research organization in the field of cleantech and sustainable development.