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Building Blocks

For public, private and civil construction works

Building blocks from Masterbloc have been a reference in and far beyond our region for decades. Many contractors and building material dealers prefer them because of their quality, innovative nature and exceptional compressive strength.

From now on, these are also available in a CO2-negative, circular jacket. Hollow, full and with or without insulating Climasono beads? To brick or glue? Or rather as a floor-to-ceiling precast wall? We offer it all and also provide special productions and color versions upon request.


Acoustic masonry blocks for indoor and outdoor use.

Our Soundblox were developed in collaboration with
Soundless Acoustics
, a Dutch company specializing in improving room acoustics. These reverberant and sound-insulating masonry bricks have long provided optimum acoustic comfort in apartment buildings, sports halls, concert halls, production environments, auditoriums, etc. From now on these are also available in Carbstone version, with or without color and with or without natural rock wool filling.

For more information, visit the website of Soundless Acoustics Intl.

Stacking blocks

For industrial, agricultural and infrastructure purposes

Masterbloc’s Carbstone stacking blocks allow us to quickly, safely and cost-effectively build both temporary and permanent structures for endless applications in agriculture, industry, road construction, etc.

The completely unique manufacturing process, in which the blocks are pressed rather than molded, combined with the pure raw materials, ensures that the blocks have a longer life and higher fire resistance than molded variations.

We are currently exploring the possibility of also producing these blocks with the Carbstone technology. This process is still in the development stage.


Maximum efficiency, consistent quality

With Masterwalls, we offer floor-to-ceiling precast walls that are semi-automatically produced in a controlled environment. They are available in both normal and insulating Climasono versions and are moved into position by crane on site, then connected. From now on, these walls are also available with Carbstone technology.

Robbie Cobot

Sagoma’s Robbie cobot, a cooperative, hydraulically controlled crane that intuitively follows the movements of its operator, thus taking over the heavy lifting. Contact us for more information and availability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t find your answer here? If so, do not hesitate to contact our experts .

Nothing different from a classic concrete stone. The composition will not expand as a result of drilling. So the CO2 remains trapped.

Absolutely, the stone stores CO2 and will continue to do so. However, this does not mean that he releases them into the home, rather that he binds more and more and thus becomes harder.

Yes, they meet all the same specifications (see technical sheet). In addition, Carbstones – when placed outdoors – will continue to absorb CO2, further hardening them and, consequently, making them stronger.

The minimum curing time of the blocks is 24h, unlike traditional masonry blocks that require 3 weeks. Production time always varies according to order size. Contact us for more information.