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An endless cycle of sustainability and reuse.

Our Carbstone blocks are CO2-negative and will continue to absorb CO2 even after production, continuing to grow stronger and harder, resulting in very strong walls. They are made from secondary raw materials (stainless steel slag) and remain 100% recyclable in their next life. Recycling produces only sand and gravel, making sand and gravel pits unnecessary in the future. The future begins here!


Our first follows years of research, supplemented by outside expertise. With our 80-year experience in masonry blocks, we developed a product range that transforms the construction industry and shakes off its image as a big polluter.


Each project has its own challenges, but must be realized in an environmentally friendly way. That’s why we offer a variety of Carbstone building blocks, from masonry blocks to precast walls, to meet everyone’s requirements.


With the launch of Carbstone, we were the first to offer a circular,CO2-negative and cement-free alternative to the traditional concrete block on an industrial scale. Discover our most recent achievements.

We reduce the carbon footprint

The future begins here!

CO2 negative

In the production of our Carbstone blocks, more CO2 is absorbed than emitted. Moreover, they also extract CO2 from the air afterwards, which they retain forever.


In the production process, valorized slag is converted into workable material. This makes Carbstone building blocks 100% recyclable, time after time.

High compressive strength

Because the stones take CO2 from the air even after processing, they become harder and harder. This results in walls with exceptionally high load-bearing capacity.

24h curing time

Compared to 3 weeks of curing for traditional, cement-based building blocks.

7 tons less CO2

per full cargo delivered compared to the same volume of cement-containing blocks.

100% recyclable

When the blocks are crushed after demolition, only sand and gravel remain.

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